Inoue Green Tea

What is “Inoue Green Tea”

"Grace of Yamakita – Inoue Green Tea" is a tea grown by Masafumi Inoue, who is particular about making safe and delicious tea. We will deliver the first picked tea on May, 2021 !

This tea was carefully grown in a mountain field at an altitude of 300m where we have a view of Mt. Fuji. Please enjoy the deep taste and aroma.

*Storage: cool, dry and dark place after tighten the zipper seal (without refrigerator or freezer).

Diligent tea grower, Mr. Inoue

Masafumi Inoue is a veteran tea grower with over 50 years of experience and leadership. (Photo: 2nd from the left)

“I have made various efforts to find ways to grow tea leaves without spraying pesticides. I am happy to bring you this delicious Inoue Green Tea named after me. Please enjoy this aromatic and delicious green tea grown in Yamakita, Japan.”

How to brew “Inoue Green Tea”

Inoue Green Tea can be prepared in many ways and each one will change its taste. That gives you a big variety of drinks. Brew it with hot water to your desire temperature or with cold water.

* We recommend using soft water (hardness 2.1-4.5 °dH)

Hot-Brew green tea



Boil water



Cool 180ml of boiling water to 70℃



Pour into a tea pot with tea leaves(6g)



Steam for 1 minute

You can brew deliciously 2-3 more times after drinking first brewed tea.

  1st 2nd 3rd
steaming time 1
don't steaming
temperature 70℃ 80℃ 90℃

Iced green tea

Pour hot brewed green tea into a glass filled with ice.

Cold-brew green tea

Put tea leaves (5g) in cold water (500ml) and let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours to overnight.

★Taste Tips: It is also delicious to float citrus fruits on cold green tea.

Munich partner store


Pacandé is a local coffee roastery specialized in colombian specialty coffee. Their philosophy is to work with transparency and offer sustainable products from the best quality and direct traded.

"It makes me very proud to be able to we work together with Mr. Inoue in this project and allow our clients in Germany to try one of best green teas from Japan"

Ana Schmitz - Co-Founder Pacandé

Munich Yamakita Tea Project

"Munich Yamakita Tea Project" was established in July 2019 to introduce the high-quality tea of Yamakita: Inoue Green Tea to Munich. The project is co-managed with the tea grower and his friends of this region, and the people of neighboring cities who love the nature of Yamakita and its traditional culture.

More about Yamakita

Yamakita is a town with a population of about 10,000 people, surrounded by the beautiful Tanzawa mountains and has Lake Tanzawa. Forests, which account for 90% of the region, are a treasure trove of pure water and a valuable source of water in neighboring cities. A large temperature difference between day and night grows delicious Inoue Green Tea in Yamakita.

Grace of Yamakita – Inoue Green Tea

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